Monday, May 16, 2011

Spiritual Book Reviews

I have never, ever been a good reader. I hated reading books in school, I was never taught how important reading is and how much fun it can be. Now as I'm getting older, as if I have so much time on my hands, I really enjoy reading a good book. This might shock you, but this is the first books for me to read the whole thing, thoroughly. I was very proud of myself! I believe so much in reading, that I make my boys have "quiet" time (since they think they are too old to take naps) for atleast a hour and read books. Some days we actually do it, other days we try and it just doesn't work.

90 minutes in Heaven by Don Piper:

(I don't know why this is foggy and really small.. UGH)

90 minutes in Heaven was such a awesome book. It gave GREAT detail. I really liked how it jumped right to the story really fast. Towards the end, he went through so much recovery, that I thought it was actually depressing. I mean he was so depressed and the story ended with him getting better, but it sure took awhile for that to happen. Over all though, it was very inspirational and I enjoyed reading it.

Heaven is for Real

Heaven is for Real is such a great book as well, just in it's own way. It was not as descriptive as I thought it would be, that was disappointing to me. It was amazing who he saw and how he told his parents, over several years what all he experienced.

Honestly, I was equally disappointed in these books, but REALLY enjoyed reading them. These are just my personal opinions:

I was told to read 90 minutes in Heaven before Heaven is for Real just because Heaven is for Real is much more descriptive and I thought the complete opposite. That might be why I was slightly disappointed in Heaven is for Real, just because I was told it was so much better than 90 minutes in Heaven, but my opinion is the complete opposite. They both are great books with great amazing stories. Stories that make me CRAVE Heaven! Stories that remind me just how Real Heaven is and our Heavenly Father!

Once again, I just think that what I heard before, effected my opinion, which that seems to happen a lot in life, ya know?

I would recommend these books, especially if you have lost someone close to you. It makes your heart happy knowing where they are now and where we all will be one day!!


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Emily said...

I read Heaven is for Real last week. It was a very good book.. and I have to agree with you. Not as descriptive as I had imagined.