Monday, May 2, 2011

Monday Ramblings...

1. My Grandmother (my Nanny) fell last Thursday while over at her son's house (my uncles) helping them clean their house because my Aunt has been sick lately. My Nanny is just too sweet like that. Unfortunately she fell backwards on their steps inside and is hurt, very badly! Both of her arms are broken in different places and her upper body is bruised badly from the fall, tomorrow she will be having surgery. Please say a special prayer for my Nanny that she recovers quickly, as you can imagine, having both of your arms broken, she can't do ANYTHING for herself, she is learning to ask for things and much of our family is waiting to help her in anyway that we can. I will keep you all posted on this long recovery of my Nanny!

2. Despite my Nanny's situation, we had such a great weekend. Friday night we went to dinner together, just us and it was just too much fun! Saturday we cleaned and did some yard work. Sunday was a lazy day, besides church we didn't do anything! It's nice having weekend like that sometimes!

3. Mother's Day is coming up this weekend... I always enjoy Mother's Day. It's a special day for me and every other Mother in the world. My own Mother is going through a lot now with my Nanny being so sick, I hope to do a big surprise for Mom to make her time there in Georgia extra special!! I will share details after it's done :)

4. The storms that hit across Mississippi, Arkansas, Georgia and Tennessee is just horrible! I am praying for all of the victims involved, it has be beyond a nightmare! Here in the Mid South we are experiencing flooding, please pray for the storm victims and us involved in the flooding.

5. Usama Bin Laden is Dead... I'm sure all of you know by now!!! It makes me proud to be an American and it's such a happy time. I am human and I do realize that they might retaliate, that is scary to me. Just because he is gone does not mean at all that terriosm is gone, it just makes me feel a little more peaceful! God Bless the USA and thank you to all of the service men and woman that work daily so we can have freedom!

Happy Monday and Blessings!

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