Sunday, May 22, 2011

Our Weekend!

Our weekend has been pretty low key, but yet busy at the same time! Today has been rainy and nasty so besides church we have been home ALL day!! :)

After having to buy another oven - our 17 year old oven finally died, always at the worst time - so after they installed the new oven (the new one is so nice, I'm now glad our old oven died) the hubs made the boys a fort with all kinds of things in it and on it for them. This has been SO much fun for them, for Christmas we told them we would get a bunch of boxes for them. :)

The boys yesterday had a birthday party for Ethan and Eli, boys that live in our neighborhood and are the same ages as the boys! It was at Incredible Pizza, such a fun place for kids. We thought it was a casino for kids... no joke, it was just like it.. lights are dim, you have no idea what time it is or how much money your spending.

Eating some pizza at the party.

This sweet boy and his parents came over last night for dinner. He is just starting to walk, I love this child and I love being a aunt!!!

This is Will's silly face last night, he was SO tired from his busy weekend!! :)

Peace Out!

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