Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Our house lately seems to of been turned upside down, just from all of the thing that have gone wrong. You (or myself) tend to really question life and wonder what the heck we all are doing here. My car seems to be fixed for now, but our oven recently went out, like last week. So we have been searching on craigslist to find a good deal and then we just decided we are going to go buy a new one and be done with the stupid thing! So that is what we will be doing tonight, to hopefully, finally get rid of the "bad luck" that seems to be following us lately!

Brighter things are on the horizon, we see our lives finally calming down and getting back to normal. This past weekend, as you read in my previous post, was just the beginning.

I have never been away from the boys, over night, NEVER! Only from Will, when I was in the hospital having Luke. Therefore, this weekend when I knew I'd be away from the boys for 2 nights, what would happen? To me and them??

Who would read them their stories?

Who would pray with them?

Who would get up early with them?

Who would feed them breakfast?

Who would feed them lunch & dinner?

Who would comfort them for missing their Mommy?

DADDY did ALL of these things and SO much more!!! I think, because I have always done SO much for the kids, that it is easy at times for the hubs to sit back and let me do my thing. That is how I prefer it too, but he completely stepped up to the plate. Every time I talked to them, they were off doing this or that. The boys had a ball with Daddy all weekend and it was really good for their father / son bond!

I came home, refreshed with a new respect for the man I chose to marry. He was so thrilled to have the weekend with his boys and I was so thrilled to be able to have gone to see my own Mommy and help her with her Mom.

It's times like this, where I praise and thank God for giving this man to me and these boys to me! I have been one happy woman and in constant prayer since coming home!

I pray y'all are having a blessed day!


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