Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Mid Week Random Thoughts

1. I am thanking the Lord above for allowing all of this horrible weather to LEAVE the MidSouth. It has been 3 days of constant, horrifying weather. I am exhausted from the past 2 nights being up with scared boys, bad weather and last night no power! The hubs and I are just SO exhausted!

2. Having the boys in our room has been so much fun though! Last night the power was out so we had one candle going, it didn't get too hot but the boys sleep like babies when they are with us! It's a special feeling waking up to two sleeping boys that don't have a worry in their little minds!

3. Luke is suppose to start Kindergarten this fall. His Pre-K teacher said that he might not be ready to start this fall because his immaturity level isn't there yet and he is having a hard time recognizing his letters. Yesterday I was devestated about her telling me this, but today I woke up with a new attitude. He will be just fine, he is a completely different kid then Will, with Will I have never had to "work" with him, everything just came naturally or he might of got it quicker, with Luke, I will just have to STOP comparing him to his BROTHER because they are 2 completely different children and I need to start working with him, one on one, EACH night! Nothing but me being a lazy parent is wrong with Luke and that my friends is what has me devestated!!!

4. The hubs picked my vehicle up today from the shop, that thing better not give us 1 more ounce of problems or else it's going to another family.... I just can't handle all of this!

5. Tomorrow night our company is having a ladies night out, we are going to a painting place to do our own canvas'... I am super excited!!!

6. This weekend you better believe that I'm the kind of Mom that will dress my kids up again just to take more Easter pictures of them with my own camera.... since my camera was in the shop with my vehicle ALL weekend LONG! We had SO many different activites and I wasn't able to capture one of them :( tear

I hope you all are being safe in the South with this weather!



Emily said...

Hope your staying safe from storms. Were getting them now.

Sorry to hear about Luke, but with God all things are possible and its still several months away before the new school year begins. Good luck with working with him.

Hope your vehicle doesn't give you anymore trouble. I know that has to be a pain!!!

Have fun at girls night! Sounds exciting!

Katie said...

Love what you said about your boys sleeping. I wish I was a kid again without a care in the world. ; )

Hope your car is fixed and doesn't give you any more trouble!

Enjoy your girls night! What fun.