Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Adenoids out, Tubes in!

Starting in August, Westin got his first double ear infection. I didn't think much of it but when we went back 2 weeks later with the symptoms back, he had another double ear infection. (or same one, not sure). So that was our routine for 4 straight months. I'm not lying... Every 2 weeks we were at the doctor with double ear infections. Finally in December the doctor mentioned tubes, just because of Westin's history and knowing that we still have awhile to go in the cold season. We met with his ENT, Dr. N about 2 weeks later and boom we were scheduled for tubes in. Dr. N was FABULOUS, I serioulsy love that man. He was so wonderful and also x-rayed his adenoids which determined they were enlarged but did not pressure us to have them removed. He told me to go home, talk to Dad and see what y'all want to do about the adenoids. So I did and then we talked to our pediatrician and he advised us to go ahead and have them removed. Hesitantly, we decided it would be the best thing for Westin to go ahead and have them removed when they do the tubes so there is no further surgeries in the future.

On the morning of surgery the nurse and anesthesiologist really was shocked about us doing the adenoids. They said it's rare to do them this young. At that point, we decided we would hold off to talk to Dr. N before the surgery and get his opinion again. Once we talked to him he made us feel SO much better about our decision to take them out. The nurse and anesthesiologist had good intentions, they were looking out for my baby but we had to trust our doctor, Westin's history and x-ray which shows it being enlarged. Off he went to surgery which is by far the worst part of it all... watching a stranger take your 8 month old baby boy away and he is clueless about what is about to happen, then waiting 45 minutes which seemed like 10 days. It's horrible, I know so many other parents have to deal with so much more but this was horrible to us. I'm blessed this is all we have had to worry about, I'm not sure I could handle anything much bigger.

During surgery I prayed for clarity that we made the right decision with the adenoids. The last thing I wanted to do was to just take them out, just because. I wanted the doctor to tell us he was happy we made that decision and that's the first thing he said. He told us that his adenoid was so infected and he was just taken off antibiotics 2 days before surgery. Thank you Lord is all I knew what to say, He allowed clarity in our decision and we did make the best decision for Westin. It was an awesome feeling!

His recovery wasn't too bad. He slept most of the day and the next day still needed extra loving but was his normal sweet self by day 2. He has been antibiotic FREE since this surgery! Thank you Lord, another great clear decision on our part.

I'm not self conscious in my parenting, I just like to make sure I'm making the right decision and I feel completely confident that this situation was made by God leading me the whole way and He allowed it all to fall into place!

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all4boys said...

I'm so glad he's better! Is that not the most awful thing in the world, sending your babies off to surgery? Jonah and Noah had tubes put in at one year of age. We, too, have been so blessed with wonderful, healthy kids! He is so precious in these pictures, Katie. He's getting so big!

Love you, sweet friend!