Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Snow Day

I honestly can't tell you the exact date but we did have some small snow at the beginning on the year. I think it was a week or so after Christmas. It was wonderful and super fun for the boys. We didn't get much as you can see, just about half an inch, maybe??? This Mommy did document Westin's first snow day and he had a super fun time the 3 minutes we were outside taking pictures.

I love these monkey's so much! Each one of their little smiles, laughs, cries, toots, burps, whines... I love it all! I love my boys and the blessings they continue to bring to our lives! Oh my goodness and talk about toots. What is it about toots and boy? If you have a son and he is pouting or in a bad mood (it happens often) all you need to do is talk about a toot and bam... they are cracking up!! Works everytime!

Westin's face is hilarious it this picture above... He's over the coldness and wants his Mommy's warm arms again!

Have a blessed Tuesday my friends!!

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