Monday, January 7, 2013

Meal Planning 2013

So one of my goals this year is to do better at meal planning. I believe if I am better at meal planning then I will have less of a stressful life when it comes to dinner time. Plus, I feel if I plan the meals out I can better prepare and save money each month. This "goal" goes along with another goal of mine which is to save more money at the grocery store. I understand groceries are going up in prices but if you take our spending amount each month it blows my mind how much money we spend at the store.

I made a huge list of things our family likes to eat. Then I just plug it into the right date and what all we have going on that week to see where each meal best fits. Below is a list of our meals for this week.

Sunday: spaghetti, salad & bread (our family tradition)
Monday: bbq weenies, rotel & chips, sausage / cresent roll dish (Football theme for Championship game)
Tuesday: tuna fish sandwiches (basketball games night so quick and easy!)
Wednesday: baked chicken, rice & brocolli
Thursday: pork chops, mac n cheese & baked beans
Friday: family taco night (our family tradition)
Saturday: eating out (one night a week we eat out. It might be something simple like picking up Lenny's sandwiches or something big like us all going somewhere. Either way this Momma needs a break).

For the next month or two the boys will have basketball 3 nights a week. For that reason I am limited with time to make a big meal. Next week I plan to use my crock-pot a few times. That will help so much as well!!

I hope you all are having a blessed Monday!!

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all4boys said...

Your meals sound good this week! I started with this a year ago, and you would not believe how much simpler meals are when you've got them all planned. I also got some new cookbooks and a new crockpot for Christmas, so woohoo!!

We're having chili, chips, queso and salsa tonight for the big game. Tomorrow night we're having a new recipe I found on pinterest that sounds so's penne pasta with scallions, lipton onion soup mix, marsala wine and mozzarella cheese (I'm also adding ground beef to mine to make it a little more hearty for my boys) with crusty bread and salad. Wednesday's are sandwich night b/c of church and I'm unsure about the rest of the week yet.

Keep it up, Katie! You're doing great...and I'm glad you're blogging more again...yours is one of my faves!!