Thursday, January 24, 2013

What is baby boy up to?

 * I'm finally able to upload pictures, my life is complete! I read on google that is was a blogger problem, they must of figured it out! Thank you Blogger!*

Here's my puddin head last week before "school" one morning. Yes he is just the most handsome little boy and he knows it! (I promise this was before I buckled him up, he is normally strapped so tight he screams so no Mommy fail here).

 I love this little face, there's no telling what he's looking at here, probably his big bubbie Luke. His little cute self is 9 months old now. I will get to that post soon!

When I have to work or get ready really fast in the morning, I will put him in the floor with anything he wants. This is the aftermath of his destruction. Daddy always tells him that he is the most destructive of them all (the boys that is) and he's so right! He definitely loves to make messes and the messier the better! I'm afraid this means he will be the wildest of them all, right now he's the sweetest so I will hold on to that!

His new trick is to close his eye when I take his picture. He has begun to have the funniest personality. We always think all of the boys were so funny as babies and he did not disappoint. He is so darn funny, I promise I took 3 pictures and each one his blue eyes were bright, until he heard the "click" of the camera and he shut them, with this silly grin on his face!! He is such a mess!! 

The high chair below was white for Will and Luke. It needed a new paint job but I really didn't want to paint it white again, I mean how bland? So I decided to paint it baby boy blue by behr. I love it, it looks baby blue here but sometimes has a turquoise look to it as well. He loves his new seat and is super proud! :)

Happy Blessed Thursday to you all! I have more pictures of my big babies! My joyful cup is overflowing!

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