Saturday, January 5, 2013

Hello 2013

It is still so hard to believe we are in 2013. I feel old saying it but time does fly by. 2012 will be hard to top for our family. Only because 2012 was an amazing year. Yes we brought another angel into the world but we also learned a lot and healed as a family. You see, I won't talk often about this but before and during my pregnancy we were stressed. Life got the best of us and we lost sight on the important things in life. I know for sure J and I both could say we never saw the good until the Lord brought Westin into our lives. Our hearts are so full. We are so strong as a family now and I praise Jesus for restoring our hope, dreams, future and faith.

2013 has started out wonderful. My prayer for 2013 is that our good times and memories will spill into our new year. I can say for the first time ever I am happy within my own skin. I am becoming the daughter, Christian, wife, mother, friend, coworker, sister and everything else that I want to be. It feels good. My goals for myself are to really work on those relationships but also make our home life simplier. Life is not about climbing the ladder, being everyone's best friend, worrying about the small things and so on.... This year will be about the small things that make my family and I happy.

Happy New Year friends! Make this your best year yet!

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