Friday, January 18, 2013

Friday Randoms

  • I can no longer upload pictures from my computer to the blog. Is anyone else having these problems? It is so frusterating!!!! I would love for the normal icon to pop up to upload pictures from my computer.
  • I will get to my 2013 word post but for now the no pictures on the blog has me a little frazzled.
  • We got winter precipitation this week. It made the week fly by to me which is lovely. We did not get snow but did get freezing rain, the trees and woods looked so pretty!!
  • Westin turned 9 months last week. I'm totally having a hard time thinking of his first birthday. He has gotten so big and a joy, even more than before. He is my early bird. He loves to go to bed at 6:30 and wakes up around 6:30. Since discovering this new schedule of his he has become the HAPPIEST little camper ever! People think I'm crazy for putting him down that early but my love bug is a grump until he is in his bed with a full belly! It has helped with less hectic craziness at night time but Daddy hates coming home some night to him already in bed. He misses his little buddy.
  • I have a 3 day weekend this weekend. The boys and I were going to Georgia for the weekend but I decided I was not ready for that just yet. We were going to fly and this is the second time now I've backed out on flying with 3 boys by myself. I know I can do it and it would be so much better than driving but I'm planning to go in February around my birthday. Just putting it off one more month!!
  • For the past 2 weekend J and I have drove around looking at houses, in the country. We really see ourselves moving that way soon and it just totally excites me!!! I just pray things fall into place and we stay very content in our current home until we find the perfect home for us. We are not looking for a nice home but for lots of land. We want land so we know we will not have this huge fancy home, that's ok because once we buy it, we won't be moving again and we will fix it how we want it. I'm trying to be patient and remember God is in control!!
  • My coworker unexpectedly had a triple bypass this week. I'm praying for her to make a speedy recovery. She sits next to me at work and it breaks my heart for her family!
  • If you were to sneak a peek at my computer you would see that I've been googling ways to get pregnant after having a tubal ligation. The hubs and I are pretty bummed we made that decision not knowing how easy it is to have 3. He is one of 4 kids and says he could see us having one more. It breaks my heart, during my pregnancy he never said much about it but I was determined to get them tied. Now after the fact my heart breaks... who knows??? I might just get it reversed one day OR be happy with the decision we made. I do believe God would not of allowed us to make that decision if He didn't believe it was the best decision for our family.

Love to all! I hope you have a very blessed weekend!!!

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