Monday, April 5, 2010

FABulous weekend!!

I have no idea why blogger is having issues with uploading my pics and I can't write anything above these pics... anyways, at least they are all up and loaded.. LAWDY!!

Above is a pic of the boys at the church Easter egg hunt! We had SUCH a great time, it was so nice and warm BUT I did get a wonderful sun burn, it felt great and I'm not complaining!!

This picture of Will I just love, he was waiting his turn to get back on the swing set, he sat down I swear for one second and I snapped this pic, Oh how the love I feel for these kids I could NEVER describe!!

Now this picture of the boys after church on Sunday really bothers me... they have to act so darn silly every time I whip out the camera, Will has a pink and blue shirt on while Luke wore just a blue oxford shirt... so precious and pink looks great on Will! He's a boy that can pull it off well!

Me and my boys on Easter Sunday !!!!

Today I had a wonderful first day at work! I'm going to love it, they are wonderful, everyone gave me warm welcomes and even had a ice cream party for me this afternoon... so thoughtful!!!

Y'all have a terrific Tuesday!



Go East Memphis Mama said...

So precious! I am so glad you had a wonderful weekend:)

amanda said...

i love the pictures!! precious. the one with the red chair is my favorite!

Laura@Cowboy Boots said...

i too love the red chair pics.
i know what you mean about acting silly when the camera is out..half of my photos are great and then you notice someone is making bunny ears behind a sibling in the photo! ugh! thank goodness for photoshop! ha ha