Monday, April 12, 2010

a whole bunch of nothings...

We had a great weekend. It's just been so much stuff going on at our house lately. As you all know I switched jobs, I went back into the field I was in for many years and it feels SO great to be back, BUT there are so many new regulations and new laws that I must learn. Plus, you have to take a yearly test to renew your license each year, well they compare this test to getting your Phd, HELLO there is a reason why I did not finish nursing school... I hate to study! So J told me that he was going to lock me in our spare bedroom b/c it does not have a t.v, computer and he's keeping my phone so it will force me to pass this test. I have to pass, or I have no job!! :( I will get it done, but it is taking up a lot of my spare time (because before I had so much)

J hurt himself not this weekend but last on his 4wheeler. We just thought it was a simple bruised chest, but we later found out he cracked a rib... He had been complaining all week last week of it still hurting, then he got this horrible chest cold, so he finally went to the doc on Friday to determine he had fluid in his lungs and that cracked rib. The doc said it was normal to get fluid built up in the lungs after a chest accident, we were just very thankful it had not turned into pneumonia! He seems to be feeling better, but it did make for us to have a weird weekend. It was hard to get some things done. Yesterday afternoon he said he would really like to get the yard done, so I helped him by mowing the lawn while he did the rest. It looks so much better and now tonight he can come home and treat it with some chemicals to make it start looking better. Our yard is having issues and we are trying one more thing before we have to re do the yard and lay all new sod down... So we shall see :) I love working in the yard this time of the year, I just hate to sweat, J said it was hilarious seeing me mow the yard, that is SO not like me, but I told him I would take one for the team this weekend, it is great exercise and God knows I need it! Plus I have me a mini tan going on now!

I pray y'all had a blessed weekend!

Happy Monday, I'm already looking forward to Friday again, weekends just aren't long enough!

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Go East Memphis Mama said...

Hope J gets to feeling better!