Monday, April 26, 2010

Much needed good times!!

This weekend my Mom came into town and we had such a wonderful, blessed time together! Saturday night the hubs and I got away for some MUCH needed time together and with friends! We went to dinner, talked and enjoyed each other without talking about the kids, we were determined to act like we were dating again.. ha! I will be the first to admit that when you get married and have children, it is so easy to get caught up in the daily grind of life and lose yourself in the midst of that. Lately the hubs and I have been going through it .

After dinner we went to some friends house that the hubs works with, let me tell you, not only did we both have a wonderful time, let's just say it was a BLAST!! We don't get out much, but we left there saying that if we do get out again, it will be with these people. They all are just so sweet, genuine, nice people. In the past we have hug out around great people, but when they have a night out they like to act like they are 16 again. We can't stand that, Saturday night we had a great time with mature, great people.. ha! I'm serious, it was so much fun!

Here's a pic of me, Candice and LeighAnne these ladies are on my blog, if you are not already friends with them, go check their lovely blogs out, you will be happy I told you! I love these ladies and definitely see more get together in the near future!

This picture below is of all of the ladies... Candice (in the black shirt) and Misty (in the teal dress) work with my hubs, the rest of the ladies hubby's or boyfriends work with my hubs.

The hubs and I on our night out... Great times and memories!!!


Candice Pair said...

Im glad I FINALLY got to meet you face to face....even if it was just for two minutes haha! We'll have to plan another night to do it again!

Anonymous said...

Love the pics! You look awesome!

Go East Memphis Mama said...

Good times lady! SO glad ya'll come out:)

Heather said...

oh how fun!! Cute pics!!

Becky said...

Just from my experience being a NEW mom I can imagine how you lose yourself in your children and forget to spend that quality time together, I was telling Terence the other day I don't want to forget to spend time on our relationship's so hard with a newborn, but I am sure it will get better! Your pictures are great and so glad you had a good date night and kept that flame a burnin!