Friday, April 30, 2010

Show Us Your Life - Money Saving Tips

Ok y'all know that we are getting our debt paid off per my last post... so in the last several years and the older I get, the better I also get at trying to save and penny pinch anywhere and everywhere I go!

1. The Hubs truck has been paid for (for years) and my car will be paid for next year, after my car is paid for, we plan to never have a car payment again. Therefore now we are saving in case the hubs needs another truck before we are ready to get one.... his poor truck is old.
2. We have basic everything... cable, phone, internet everything.
3. I am anal about our utilities, lights and gas (here in Memphis it is all combined)
4. I have a weekly grocery budget that I stick within, don't go over, don't go under. I am so anal about this too, one night the hubs said I'm going to run to the store to get some bacon for the next morning to cook, I looked at him in the eyes and said that is not a necessity therefore you will not be going to getting that... I buy mostly off brand items, there are a few items I will not, but most of our food is off brand and you can't tell one difference. (Heinz ketchup and Tide)
5. I keep track of everything we spend each month... no matter if it's a pack of gum, it is included in our monthly budget, once we started keeping track of every little thing, you stop getting the small stuff (not only do you not want to note it in the budget, but it doesn't become a necessity)
6. We both take our lunch to work as much as possible. Lately I have not even taken lunches because I leave early and will eat when I get home, the hubs tries to often, but it is hard if I don't fix it for him. So I would say 3 days out of the week he is taking his lunch!
7. After the debt we are paying off is paid off, we will be debt free and even then we will continue to penny pinch, there's nothing better than saving a little bit here and there!
8. I buy most of my clothes at TJ Maxx or Marshall's and for the boys, they mostly wear hand me downs, but if I need to get something for them, I mainly buy them at consignment stores or sales
9. We designate one night a month to eat out right now and even then, we go to the local mexican restaurant and all 4 eat for $20
10. I cut out coupons (even though with me getting a lot of off brand items I don't use them much, but I do get them to compare prices) you can even go to to print out coupons or to to upload coupons onto your kroger plus card... that's super cool to me and I have used many times!

I'm sure my savings is not better or different than a lot of people in life, but I do not want to live a materialistic life, there are so many people I know that all of their money each month goes to something, it doesn't make sense for our family to live that way, we want to live a very modest life and enjoy each other while growing in Christ! At the end of life what is most important??? This is a lesson I am continuing to learn as I grow older!

Y'all have a blessed weekend!!!


Natalie said...

We do the same things to save money. The only time we ever had a car note was when we first got married. We bought a used Tahoe & had a note for maybe 6 months & then paid it off with a bonus Joe got at work. Now that I want a new car, I really don't want the note.
Another way to compensate with buying new clothes is to sell the old ones. I try & sell as many of Jolie's clothes as can to pay for the new stuff she needs. Same with the boys. Whenever I want a new purse, I make myself sell an old one on ebay. It helps even out the money going in & ou AND keeps my closet from getting TOO full.

Beth McC. said...

For the first time ever I dont have a car note and let me tell you I will never have another one! Love this pos, thanks for you the ideas! I love your blog colors, so fun!!

Go East Memphis Mama said...

Love your new blog look!

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

Great tips...and am crazy about the green color on your blog......Late night blog hopping.....
Have 2 great giveaways that I am drawing for on Sunday night

Heather said...

These are great tips!! You gave a lot of great advice, and I love your new blog look!