Thursday, April 29, 2010

Thankful Thursday- Debt

I am thankful today for so many things. Today the best gift is that the Lord spoke right to us, He is helping us right now find ways and reasons to get our debt paid off in a reasonable time frame. We got this taken care of today and we are on our way to being debt free, thank you Lord for answering one of my prayers!!!! Your timing could not of been better!!

First off, this picture above has been me for about 2 years now... DEBT is evil, can ruin lives and is the devil in my opinion! SO many people get caught up in this mess and web of never ending stuff or junk (whatever you want to call it). It's a sensitive topic for many, but for me, it's a topic I am not shy about talking about because if I can help anyone, then that makes my heart happy!

When the hubs and I first got married, we thought we would NEVER have financial problems. We were just so naive! Life through us curve balls and stuff happens. I am thankful for what we had to help us get through hard times, but it wasn't enough, we had to turn to other means to provide for our family... Thus, we got into some major debt! Major debt I think is any debt, because in the end, debt is a sin, I am living a sin everyday of my life by owing another company money... So, I am thankful and happy to say that we are on a plan that within 3 years and maybe sooner we will be debt free again!!!! This just makes us so happy and it feels great to have a plan in action and know that each day we are making it better for our future, our kids future and our walk with the Lord much better!

All of our debt besides our house of course. Scriptures states that it is not considered a sin to owe on your house, in biblical times they owed against land and they paid a percentage back until it was paid off or gave a percentage of crops that were grown on the land as paying back their debt.... but the debt I'm talking about is irresponsible debt.... credit cards or any other convenient item that is not a necessity! (and everyone might have their own opinion about this, this is just my opinion)

I am praising God for allowing us to see things through his eyes and I'm thanking Him for allowing us to go through these struggles and trying times. It is through those times that you grow closer to Him and He teaches and molds us to who He wants us to become. Man He's so amazing and I need to thank Him more often even during the times I think things are not going so well!!!

Y'all have a blessed weekend, it's suppose to rain here all weekend, but we are still planning on making it a great one!



Candice Pair said...

We paid off every cent of our credit card last year and it was the most A-Mazing feeling in the world! We have some on there now bc CLinton had to get his truck fixed last year (then I have a little play money on Baby Gap and Macys...but we can pay it off monthly) But its just the most liberating feeling. Its nice knowing that you aren't spending tons of money a month on things you cant even account for anymore. Congrats to you both!

Just Believing said...

Hi I came over from Kelly Korner and totally agree a 10000% goood for you guys for getting out of debt! Best wishes and blessings to you!

Liz Beyer said...

Thanks for posting this Katie! I know just how you feel. Debt is such a horrible thing and it destroys so many relationships. I am so thankful that Chris and I were strong enough to make it through the last year, I know too many couples who broke up over money issues. It can be so difficult to remember to give praise durring the storm but when you do, great things happen! They usually are in God's time frame not ours. Thats hard for me since I'm a bit of a control freak :) I am so happy for you and John! Love you and your sweet family!