Friday, January 15, 2010

101 post

I completely forgot to do something BIG for my 100th post! Now this is my 101th post and I still can't figure something cool out, but I will... it just might be my 102 or 103rd post... :)
I don't have much to blog about today. The weather here in Memphis is absolutely GORGEOUS!!!! It's 64 right now, I think this time last week I posted about having some snow and the temps being all time lows recorded ever.... but remember this is Memphis we are talking about and well that is just how we roll here in the MidSouth!!!
This is a 3 day weekend coming up, which y'all have no idea who much it excites me! The boys and I will be chillin all day Monday while Daddy has to :(! This week has been a emotional roller coaster just with work and life, so we need this weekend to recoop.
Tonight the hubs and I are going watch the Blind Side. I CAN NOT wait and can't believe we are just now seeing this movie, but I hear it is worth the wait!
I pray you all have a blessed weekend and enjoy this beautiful weather!!


Liz Beyer said...

I've heard thats an awesome movie. I hope ya'll have a fun date night, you deserve it!

Heather said...

Hope you are having a great night!! I loved the movie The Blind Side, I cried from beginning to end. Congrats on 101 posts!!