Thursday, January 7, 2010

Blizzard 2010.... NOT!

So, we did get a little bit of snow, not nearly the 2-4 inches they originally said, but hey it was enough to keep schools closed today and that made us happy!

The boys enjoyed a few football games and chasing each other in this snow. They enjoyed it and I enjoyed being home with them today, not leaving the house at all and trying to stay warm.

Tonight we will eat a veggie pizza and watch the National Championship game... super excited and happy the weekend is almost here!

Y'all stay warm and I have a good post coming up... I promise :)



Candice said...

Katie they are so sweet in these pictures!!!!!!! Looks like y'all had fun!

Natalie said...

I'm still confused as to why we were out yesterday & not today. It's only 10 degrees outside. Do they not consider the poor kids who walk to school?

Looks like your boys had fun in what little white stuff we got. Hopefully, we'll get a real snow soon.

Elizabeth said...

Oh the snow! How fun!!! Looks like they are warm out in the snow!!

Heather said...

I love the title!! I think everyone that was suppose to get snow and didn't is so disappointed cause they were calling for so much!! That stinks for you guys but yeah for a day off from school!! And your dinner sounds fabulous!!