Monday, January 25, 2010

Monday Randomness

Well here at Clementsville, we had a marvelous weekend! Friday night we went to our BFF's house to enjoy some dinner and wonderful time together. We always enjoy spending time with them, we are like one big happy family when around them, there is no holding back and no hiding anything, they love us for being our goofy silly oh selves ( just like them :) ). Saturday I got some much needed cleaning done and then Sunday went to church. We had a great relaxing weekend, I have had a horrible headache the past day and I pray tomorrow I wake up feeling much better!

Here is a picture of Will from his 101 day of school last week. He has a doggy (dalmation) hat on that he made, I thought it was adorable so I had to take a pic.

Here's a pic of the boys after church on Sunday. They were matching :) Will has had this shirt, then a dear friend of mine, Liz, gave me a bag full of clothes that fit Luke. So I thought it would be precious to make them matching one Sunday! They are getting so big~

I hope you all had a blessed weekend! I don't have any crazy news from the weekend. The hubs and I enjoyed watching football yesterday. Of course we wanted the Colts to win, because we just love the Manning family, but I also wanted Brett Favre to win as well, just because he's had a great career and I think he needed a Super Bowl, but oh well, now I won't have to choose between who I want to win, GO COLTS!

Happy Monday and have a Terrific Tuesday!


kristilea said...

You have a beautiful family!

I kind of wanted Brett to make it to the Super Bowl too! Although, I think the Saints really deserve it. They've never been, and they have had two great seasons in a row! I think they are very deserving of it. I've always loved the Colts, but I don't seems so different now without Dungee. I'll be happy no mater who wins...Our favorite team is the Steelers, so we were out of the running this year, quite some time ago, just too many injuries this year.

I love your boy's matching shirts. I have two boys and two girls, and I have fun matching them up ever so often!

Laura@Cowboy Boots said...

it's nice having a bff couple to hang out w/! we have that too and i can't tell you how blessed we are!!!