Sunday, January 10, 2010

a great big thank you, tithing and more

Thank you all so much for your prayers! You will never know how reading your comments made me feel. It is nice to know that I'm not the only one having weird, sad feelings from time to time and right now I have many different areas in my life being tested. I feel much better, there are still areas in my life that I am working on, one of the biggest things is my Mom, she's my best friend and she is moving back to Georgia to be with our family. I completely understand her wanting to move, it is a great decision for her, but she is all I have here (besides my own family) and it breaks my heart she will no longer be 2.8 miles away! It is God's Will and I have to remember that... please keep her (and us) in your prayers as well, it is a difficult decision, but will be better for her in the long run!!!! (Guess I gotta be a big girl now :)

For us, January has been a month to get things back in order. Finances is what we are working on right now. (that's probably to blame for the depression... ha!) This morning in church we discussed tithing. Tithing is a touchy subject, it shouldn't be, but it is. Finances are private and I know from this day forward we will put God first in our finances. He is the reason we have jobs, money and our money is His money. Giving is such a great feeling. It's just like giving someone a birthday present or Christmas present. I really get excited about giving gifts, I love to give gifts. It was a perfect sermon for us and boy is God's timing simply amazing! Last night we sat down and redid our budget, we put tithing first, before anything (I'm embarrassed to say it wasn't before, but I'm being honest here) and then this morning God spoke to us and reaffirmed our decision to tithe before all else! 2010 is a year for us to get our debt paid off and work on more money in savings. I pray that with our new plan of action and living more for Him, we will benefit and start climbing that mountain and get out of this valley!

Oh~ one more thing... did y'all see on Kelly's Korner's site where she talked about monogram swapping... well that is the best idea I have heard in a long time!!!!! I have been trying to find more websites this weekend, if you know of anymore let me know! The one she gave was I want more, there wasn't much stuff on that one, I always check ebay, but I know there's got to be more! Why can't I be smart like that and think of such a GREAT idea!!!!

Have a blessed Monday!



Anonymous said...

hey girl! how are ya? Have you done the money map? I bought the book and I LOVED it! And they have a great website too! Hope you have a great week! XOXO

Emily said...

I am just getting around to comment. I will have to go back and read your other posts, but wanted to comment on this one.

You are completely 100% right about tithing. We are supposed to tithe to God, because, like you said, He is why we have jobs and have money. If you tithe, God will not let you go without.

Me and my husband are working on becoming better Christians and trying to do more for God. I hope you get out of your depression and feeling bad.... God is faithful, even when our faith is weak!!!!!

Leigh said...

Great post Katie! Sorry to hear you have been in a slump but you know I feel that way often too....I believe its just part of being a woman!! We try to please EVERYONE and do so much that sometimes we forget to breath or see the bigger picture until it all comes to one BIG halt!!! And it hits us hard!! I really LOVE reading about your goal with your money...somedays its a sensitive subject up here at work...the guys give us ladies a hard time with the way we give our money in ways to give back!! You are so right though...its God's money not mine so I shall do what pleases him with it...not what pleases myself or another human being!! I hope you have a wonderful day!

Anonymous said...

What a nice post, Katie! Just know that I've been praying for you! It is a blessing to hear how the Lord spoke to you reaffirmed your decision to tithe before all else! God is sooo good! Have a Blessed Day!

Laura@Cowboy Boots said...

i understand about the whole tithing thing...sometimes when we feel strapped we also have to remember God loves tithing w/our time too...we joined the 'helping hands' ministry in our church and it's been a joy having our children work by our side helping other less off than us.
great blog..hope you don't mind if i follow!