Friday, January 22, 2010

Yippee, It's Friday!

This morning, as I was walking Luke into school, a special moment came across me. He is 3 years and 6 months... he acts like he is 6. He is SO independent, much more than Will has ever been. After I opened the car door to get him out, He unbuckled, He grabbed his lunch box and back pack, He got out of the car (all by himself), He shut the door, He hopped up on the step, He opened the door into school, He put away all of his things and the He gave his Mommy a kiss and walked into his classroom. He is my love, He has my heart and I just can't believe he is getting so big. He is such a care free child, he is SO happy, willing to help with anything and he just enjoys life! I am beyond thankful to the Lord for giving me this child to raise!

On another note... I have to confess something. Do y'all ever enjoy popping zits? For me, it is a stress reliever, but not necessarily on me. haha (even though I have plenty of them to pop) Last night I was scratching my hubs back, well while I was doing it I noticed a few spots that needed attention, so I popped them. (Thankfully he understands my need to pop zits from time to time and he doesn't mind. He has actually in the past seen a "good one" and allowed me to do the honors) So am I the only women that enjoys this? It gives me a sense of relief and maybe a sense of power.... I just love it and don't even begin to fib about this little white lie :)

Have a blessed weekend, I am looking forward to enjoying time with my 3 boys and some dear friends!



Life with the DEARINGS said...

HAHA! You're so funny!! I pop Jason's all the time. And if I have one, I have to MAKE myself leave it alone cause it's SO bad for your face!
Have a great weekend, girl! :)

Leigh said...

I left ya a suprise on my blog!!

Liz Beyer said...

You are so funny! I'm so glad that I feel a little less like a freak right now because I also LOVE to pop pimples on Chris! He gets them on his back but unfortunately he does not understand the need to get rid of them. He wont let me pick so I have to pretend I am giving him a back scratch and then sneak one or two in!

Go East Memphis Mama said...

Ahahaha I do the same thing to Jason! I'm pretty sure this is normal...pretty sure. Yeah. Love that about Will. What a precious boy!

Candice said...

Luke is so precious!!!!! What a little grown up :) Y'all have a great weekend girl!