Saturday, January 30, 2010


Friday morning, as they had expected, we got the beginning of ICE STORM 2010. The boys were out of school and at around 9am the city began to slowly shut down! Daddy even came home from work at 10am and we played most of the day (well except that nap we took that afternoon while the snow...ahem, ICE continued to fall!)

When we woke up from our lovely nap, this is what it looked like and the worse it yet to come! I thought these icecicles were very tasty!

As night fell and the few inches of snow, that were covered by ice began to freeze, it was one big sheet of ICE. You could not walk on the driveway or yard, without feeling like you are ice skating. After the kids went to bed, the hubs and I just had to go out and try it, so we did and you would of thought we were 10 again, it was too much fun!!! Our power did go out last night, due to the ice on the trees and them falling on power lines, but we are so blessed to have warmth and food back into our home today! It was scary as a mother having to go through that with your own kids, but we made it and the power was not out for too long, PRAISE GOD!

Here's a picture of Daddy with his boys this morning on the 4wheeler, I'm not sure which boy is more excited... Daddy or Will & Luke :) (oh, the van behind them is not ours, they are our lovely new neighbors that park right in front of our driveway and in the snow and ICE makes it VERY difficult to get in and out of the driveway.... but we just deal with it :))

I pray everyone is safe and warm tonight! It is down in the single digits tonight here in the MidSouth, so for us that is a bit chilly!


Liz Beyer said...

So nice of them to park right in front of your driveway...

The boys are so cute! I think the big boys love the snow as much as little boys do!

Candice said...

Aw I love the pics of John and the boys!!! How fun!!!