Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Weekend!

We had a wonderful weekend, full of busy Easter things to do! Sometimes I really overdue myself!

First, my vehicle is BACK in the shop. The transmission went out on Wednesday night. It's a VERY depressing situation, the past 6 months have been HORRIBLE with us having problems with this car. It's not super old, 2005 Expedition, it's beautiful and I love my car. Man oh man, lately we have had it in and out of the shop 6 times now. So with us having only the hubs reliable 1999 F-150, it was a weird weekend to say the least!

Saturday we started out with Easter pictures outside, breakfast at Chick-fil-a, trip to Lowe's for plants, home to plant, Easter egg hunt at church, laying out Saturday afternoon. The weather could NOT of been more perfect ALL weekend long, I am so thankful for that!

Sunday was church then lunch with the hubs family. It was a great time, we hunting Easter eggs too and the kids looked adorable and giggled all weekend long.

I left my camera in my car so let's hope when we get it back from the delearship from being fixed that it's still in there. I would be DEVESTATED!!!! I have been a nervous wreck all weekend, of all weekends to not have my camera!

With all of this being said, yes we are beyond stressed right now, but I'm so thankful to have the love and support of my friends and family, most importantly spending time with them this weekend!

Hopefully I will get my camera back soon and be able to post pictures!

Hope you all had a blessed weekend, He has Risen, He is Alive Indeed!!!

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