Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Spring Break Fun

Spring break was just a few weeks ago and I took off most of the week. We also had our "DeeDee" (my Mommy) in town that week to help out and just be here with us each day. It was HEAVEN!!! We all enjoyed it SO much! The weather was a little hit and miss, you never knew when it was going to be nice so we took advantage of several things...

We went to the park several times for a picnic or just to play. Luke is resting...

We went to a local bike shop in Collierville, they have a train man set up in the back of the bike shop, he has several trains set up for kids to see... on a rainy day we enjoyed doing that, my boys still LOVE trains!!

Watching trains with my brother! :)

Then we came home and set up our own train shop in the back bedroom :)

This is our only picture with DeeDee, I can't believe we forgot to take more pictures, we were just so busy!

Hope y'all are having a terrific Tuesday! Two post in 1 day, I know I must of lost my mind or something, but today I have found time to do these things! The hubs and I are making decisions right now for summer time and what we are going to do with the boys and such while we are working or not working... it's hard decisions, decisions I don't like making, so pray we make a wise decision!

Love y'all!

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