Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Last Tuesday I was starting to feel a little weird, like I kept getting these hot flashes at work and then I would get these chills. It was so weird and different! Something I don't remember ever experiencing before. I went home that afternoon, got the kids, ran some errands like I normally do (because even when Momma is sick, life still goes on) I realized Wednesday that I was running a really high fever but still sticking it out by doing my normal routine, taking tylenol. At night I was a zoombie, feeling just absolutely horrible! Then Thursday I woke up to my ears and throat burning, something that I really have never experienced....

Finally, Friday after work I went to the doctor, all of these symptoms were not going away, just getting worse. I left the doctor frusterated because she really didn't know what was going on with me either, but gave me some antibiotics and on my way I went.. UGH!!! I was sick ALL weekend, running fever, hot/cold chills, ears and throat burning! I was MISERABLE on this beautiful weekend. I am MUCH better, not sure if it's the medicine or it's just been enouch time for it to run it's course! I have prayed feverishly (no punt intended) that no one else in my household gets this horrible thing, so far so good! :)

On another note, we had major severe weather yesterday. It happened really fast and I was not nervous about the weather, but it was my first time being away from my kids during bad weather. Since I am a "Momma Bear" all I wanted was for them to be right next to me, my thoughts the whole time was about them, praying their little minds were not worried about anything! Will got to experience the tornado drill in the hallway at school, except it was the real thing. When I picked him up from school that afternoon he said he was cool and he wasn't worried. I told him that school is a safe place and for him to never be nervous, I told him I was worried about him during the storms, he said "Well Mom all that matters is that we are together now" Ah... I love that sweet boy! Luke was clueless, that is just his personality, he thinks everything is fun and doesn't worry about a thing! Love him and his careless-ness!

Hope y'all are having a blessed week! I have pictures I might upload tonight, they are hilarious!