Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Hurdles in Life

In life you always go through hurdles (that's what I like to call them). Life throws you hurdles and it just depends on how you react to them as to if you have "passed the test" so to speak from God. That is just my belief, I think it shows character when you react to a situation in a mature way. Now I'm not saying I always pass the test, sometimes "especially this Saturday" I will pitch a fit if I don't get my way, the good thing is that my husband understands this about me and like this past Saturday, he just walked outside and let me throw my fit. Thanks babe, I felt much better after my fit and then went out to pull most of the weeds out of our back flower beds, my frusterations were gone and God allowed me to see the beauty in what I have!

Lately though, it seems like it has been so many hurdles thrown our way. First our dishwasher went out (the hubs tried to fix it, it was just old, needed a new one), then our garage door motor broke (he tried to fix this too, it was old, needed a new one) and then my car, oh Lordy, my car gave us the WORST problems last fall. Thank goodness the hubs did not try to fix it and we took it to several shops, each one would "say" they fixed it and then we would get it back, the next day my check engine light would be back on. (my car is only 5 years old, the check engine light is not suppose to be on) So, the last time this happened, before Christmas, we just said we would deal with the check engine light on for now, we actually needed to save some more money up because we sure didn't want to keep dipping into savings if no one really didn't know what was wrong with my vehicle.

So months have gone on, we got a new dishwasher, YAY who ever knew that not having a dishwasher would cause so many problems, UGH, it was bad! Thank you Lord for that blessing of getting a new dishwasher, my life is MUCH easier! Then, Praise the Lord, we got a new garage door motor, the hubs himself put that up, I'm very proud of him! I am now able to pull my car into the garage, that is another major life saver for us!! And last week, we had a major God moment, He looked over us and blessed us beyond belief! I took my car into the dealership for a oil change. The service guy, A.K.A. the man God brought into our lives to help us, said that he believes he can get this problem with our vehicle fixed for good. So we let him do his magic and would you know that he really did, for FREE!!! It ended up being a recall problem so it is all fixed, I was in total shock, just a complete miracle!!

So at our house, we finally feel our hurdles, for the moment, are over. We know life always throws you curves and now we are sitting back, ready for the next one, but so blessed these worked out perfectly for our family and now we can move along! We feel normal now, like we don't have all of these other things that need to be fixed, now we can start improvements on our home! Hurdles, they can really stink when they come but when they are gone you can finally breath a sigh of relief and Praise!!


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