Thursday, April 14, 2011

My late Anniversary post

This is a really late post, actually a month late, but I still wanted to document this fun time we had together. While Mom came in town last month, it was also during our 7 year wedding Anniversary. We got tickets to go see Lady Antebellum, it's the hubs and I's favorite band right now. It was at a casino that is only about 45 minutes away. After work we headed down to Mississippi to Harrah's Casino for some fun times together.

The hubs and I do not do date night, we really enjoy spending time together as a family so when the weekend rolls around we are always going out to eat or doing EVERYTHING together. This night I was actually nervous because it had been a year (at least) since we had been alone together, just time for us, so I was thinking this is either going to be a horrible time or it's going to be a blast.

We are not gambler's but we did take a little bit of money to play around with just for fun. It was actually our first time down there together (I know y'all, we just don't get out much). The dinner situation was HORRIBLE, the casino was not too crowded but we went to 2 restaurants and both of them was HORRIBLE service so we got up a left both times, without ordering food. I was thinking then, oh gosh, this means this night is a bust, we just need to get home. We laughed it off and went down to the food court (we wanted a nice dinner in the restaurants but we didn't have all of that time to wait). So we laughed it off, enjoyed our time and had the best night we have had in years.

We started out on the penny slots, I didn't want to waste much at first by playing the tables or dollar slots so we started really low, once we were up high, we moved on over to the quarter and dollar slots.

Here we are in the concert. It's such a silly picture of both of us but y'all the concert was WONDERFUL!!! You never know how a band will be during a concert, it was a work night too so we didn't want to be out too late either. They played hard, every good song and they were done within a hour of being on the stage.

Here's Hillary Scott, I just love her, she looked beautiful as always. She has such a unique voice.

I would spend the money to go see them again, it was a blast and they put on a great show!

So we left that night about 2am, the concert was over at 10pm and we gambled the rest of the night. I know gambling might not be the best thing for us to do, but you know what it did for us. We won some money, not much but we came back with more than we went down there with (that includes tickets, food, gas, etc) and we realized just how much fun we both are around each other. It really reminded us that spending time alone is SO important for a marriage and it also made me remember why I fell in love with this man. I mean he is a blast to be around, we cracked up all night, we had great conversations and it reminded me for a split second of the feelings I got when we were dating, you know that feeling that you really can never get back.

It was so much fun, we are already planning our next trip down together. Next time will be a nice dinner and overnight stay! The only thing that was the worst part of the night is they still allow people to smoke in casino's. We aren't use to being around smoke and it took us awhile to get use to that. We both got over it and enjoyed our evening.

Overall, we had a great time celebrating our 7th Anniversary. It's hard to believe we have been married for 7 years and been together for 9 years. Our relationship is so much different now then it was back then, but I would not change it for anything in the world. We love, care, respect and occasionally aggravate each other like we should! I love you babe and look forward to the days we will be retired and be spending every waking moment together, while watching our children raise their family!


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The Branches said...

Sounds like ya'll had a great anniversary together! I am so jealous you saw that concert I bet it was awesome! Sorry about your dinner at the casinos though :( I hope you have lots of happy anniversaries in the future!!!!