Monday, April 18, 2011

Weekend Wrap Up

1. After realizing, after much debate, that the "cleaning" fairy would not be coming to my house and it was, solely my responsibility to do the cleaning and organizing of my house. Friday night was my night to get that back in action. We ordered food out, ate with my boys, then Momma got busy. I enjoy doing laundry, but very much DISLIKE putting the clothes away, Friday night was my laundry and putting clothes away night... it took forever!

2. Saturday morning I woke up refreshed and still was in the cleaning mood, so I made sure everyone got busy so I could work on our bedroom. See I need my house in tip top shape because I am about to start working on projects, many many projects that will be maybe my next post. The older I get, the more creative my brain becomes, it scares me and makes my husband irritated :) I am happy to say that my bedroom, closets, laundry room and boys room are all cleaned and organized, I really need to work on my kitchen next.

3. Saturday afternoon the hubs drug me out of the cleaning mood and begged for food, he said he and the boys were about to starve to death, so I got ready to get out for a little bit. I went to do a little bit of shopping at Old Navy (they are having a huge sale, I got 5 nice items for only $42), grocery store and then the Lenny's for dinner. My cooking mood has gone away and has been replaced by my cleaning/let's get organized mood... uh oh!!!

4. Sunday we skipped out on church, Saturday was a cloudy, chilly day and Sunday was just gorgeous!!! We are working on our back flower beds, adding Arkansas stone to them, so we worked on bed #2, the final bed #3 should be finished soon, pictures to come I promise!!!

5. Sunday night we did manage to go to church, I watched my sweet littl 3 and 4 year old classroom, they keep me laughing!!! Sunday night the hubs helped me cook burrito's and then I finished ironing clothes and cleaned bathrooms.

It was a really nice weekend, I stayed busy and got so much accomplished! I am so thankful for that! I can't wait to go over my "projects" with you all, I will need advise and I'm really proud of myself!!!

I hope you all are having a blessed Monday! I can't wait to get home with my monkies tonight, we enjoy so much being home as a family. This morning Will said he can't wait til tonight when he gets home from school and Daddy comes home from work. We all will be together, he said! Love my big boy, he has his Daddy and I's heart for sure!!

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