Monday, April 18, 2011

What I collect...

This week I am joining along with Top 2 Tuesday on a topic that really makes me think hard... I mean what are things I collect?

As I'm thinking, I asked my hubs what he thinks I collect... he said some REALLY funny things. For example the first thing he said is pregnancy test... lol, yes it seems that I am the freak that even when I know that month there's just NO way, I still take a pregnancy test. Then he said bills, he was right with both.

With the joking aside, I really collect 2 things that are dear to my heart.

1. Anything with BUNNIES on it! Not just because it's Easter time, but because since I was a teenager I just LOVED bunny things. I collect the "bunny" collection of Arthur Court. Love me some Arthur Court stuff, I would not say I collect it, but it's hard to still find the bunny collection of Arthur Court, when I do find it, I take it. I also have clay bunnies around the house, a few weeks ago I got them all out but some stay around all year long.

2. PICTURES, I am obsessed with taking pictures and "collecting" them in my computer. I try to get them developed ever so often but I have so many pictures on my computer. I take pictures just about every day of the boys and things that we do with our lives.

If our house was to catch on fire the only thing I would grab would be my computer with the pictures on it AND a bunny collection item. (of course my family too)

So I really don't collect too many things, but if I had to pick 2 things I collect or enjoy buying it would be my bunnies and saving more pictures!

Y'all have a blessed Tuesday!!


January said...

great collection.. photos are the easiest to collect. Thanks to digital cameras.:)

Here’s My Top Two Collection

Caroline said...

I love the bunny Arthur Court items. And you have to love photos! Great items to collect!

star said...

Yay for collecting pictures! I have so many I had to get a external hard drive!